Reloaded Mod

Enhance your Quake III Arena with this awesome modification!

Update 1.16n

The official pointrelease for Quake III Arena version 1.09-1.11 updating to 1.16n.


My configuration file. I am using this for the last 15 years. Feel free to try it 🙂

Multiplayer demo

The Quake III Arena multiplayer demo containing a few maps to play.

NoGhost 155

The latest NoGhost Build 155. Only use this mod on classic 1.11/1.16n servers !!!

Dangers Nemesis

Nemesis client for 1.16n made by cyrus and wonkey. Updated by Danger.

1v1 Mappack

Any map running on my All weapons 1v1 servers on the classic 1.16n version.

Quake Minimizer

A classic tool to minimize your Quake III Arena while your ingame.

Name Maker

Good old Name Maker Studio. Lets you create fancy names with special chars.

Config Editor

A classic configuration generator and editor. Support older systems only.

Server Browser

Query+ version 2.0 server browser with updated 1.16n serverlist (2023)


New OpenGL enhancement for your Quake III Arena. Adding bloom and other effects.