Quake III Arena Modification


Reloaded gives your Quake III Arena a new look.

working with both 1.16 and 1.32

+ mod support

Now supporting most any common mods.

Old version 1.3 / Update: 22.01.2022

            – high resolution User Interface
            – high resolution player/weapon skins
            – high resolution map textures
            – high resolution models
            – customized shader effects
            – console / main menu design
            – weapon / item sounds

            +Full support for Quake3e,OSP,E+ and Defrag

New version 1.4 / Update: 12.02.2023

            – included new weapon models
            – included low mip lightning trail (less annoying)
            – overhauled weapon skins
            – new animated menu cursor
            – overhauled console/menu design
            – new announcer sounds (credits to Runo)
            – new HD pm model icons (menu icons)
            – new healthbubbles (crosses taken from wolfcam)
            – new armor shard model and icon
            – new rocket projectile + modified flame effects
            – fixed several broken 2D icons
            – fixed missing textures on map monsoon
            – overhauled mapobjects (teleporter and lamps)
            – several small texture changes to maps
            – added new map skins

            – added new pro-q3dm6 (credits to Mus1n)
            – decreased tourney5 fog density
            – merged map skins into a single file (pak5_maps)