NEWS 1 ⚡ Update 23.07.2023: Added a new map (hub3aeroq3 / Aerowalk) to the "Reloaded Maps" section.NEWS 2 ⚡ Update 08.07.2023: Updated the Downloads section. NEWS 3 ⚡ Update 08.07.2023: Updated the website. The map mods page is back again. NEWS 4 ⚡ Update 25.03.2023: Updated the Q3A Reloaded mod to version 1.4NEWS 5 ⚡ News 25.3.2023: The website is back online under new addressNEWS 6 ⚡ Update 21.02.2023: Updated the Reaction Q3 Reloaded mod (new Pier map skin)

Supporting Q3a since 2007

About the founder ///hmn’

Playing since 2002

Greetings, it’s me HMN. I am 33, from germany and I started playing Quake III Arena in the year 2002. I am hosting game servers for the classic 1.16n version of Quake III Arena for 15+ years now. Also check out my Q3A reloaded mod. Q3A will allways have a special place in my game collection.

Formerly known as Q3PWNZ

Support since 2007

The Wrong-Place website will provide you with the latest Quake III Arena reloaded mods, files, links, tools, tutorials and 1.16n servers. Get the latest Q3A Reloaded mods and files or chat with players all arround the globe in our discord community. Supporting Q3A for over 15+ years